M25 Full Closure J10 to J11 In Both Directions This Weekend!

This closure is in place from 9pm on Friday 15 March until 6am Monday 18 March.

The M25 is braced for its first ever planned full closure as drivers are warned of long delays and told to only travel if necessary.

If you've ever tried to drive anywhere in the surrounding villages and towns when there are significant delays on this stretch of the M25 you an only imagine the chaos that the recommended diversions will cause this weekend.

Modelling carried out while the plans were being developed estimated that drivers would face delays of up to five hours without mitigation measures such as urging drivers to stay away and creating diversion routes.

National Highways believes only around an hour will be added to journeys because of the steps it has taken, which is based on a reduction in traffic of 50%.

But Mr Wade said: “Because it’s so unprecedented, we’ve got nothing to benchmark it against.”

National Highways will shut the M25 in both directions between junctions 10 (A3 Wisley) and 11 (A320 Chertsey Interchange) from 9pm Friday 15 March to 6am Monday 18 March 2024 to demolish the Clearmount bridleway bridge and install a very large gantry.

Diversion routes

The local diversion route below will be in place which is the same for both directions:

Junction 10 - Junction 11: North bound A3 to Painshill Junction, A245 towards Woking, and then A320 to M25 Junction 11.
Junction 11 - Junction 10: A320 south towards Woking, A245 towards Byfleet and Painshill junction, Southbound A3 to Junction 10.
Taking the M25 in the other direction to avoid our closure is also an option.

This will be the first of five closures between now and September 2024 – prompting National Highways to warn motorists of long delays and to only travel if necessary.

The Junction 10 improvement scheme will see an increase in the number of lanes to make journeys safer and improve traffic flow. It will also make it easier and safer to enter and exit the M25, provide safer entry roads for Wisley, Pyrford, Old Byfleet and RHS Wisley. It will also reduce the pollution caused by traffic jams.

Without a full closure of the M25 at this junction, it would be impossible to safely demolish the overbridges and install the new gantry.

Concertgoers, sports fans and holidaymakers travelling to London and surrounding areas should also plan their journeys well in advance and make sure they allow extra time or make alternative travel arrangements.

Those travelling to Gatwick and Heathrow airports and Channel ports may be affected.

Jonathan Wade, National Highways Project Lead, said:

“Drivers should only use the M25 if their journey is absolutely necessary. This is the first of five full closures of one of the busiest junctions on our road network.

“We have spent months planning for these closures and making sure there are diversion routes in place, but there will still be heavy congestion and delays.

“These improvements will bring long-term benefits to drivers who pass through this stretch of the M25, not to mention pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders who will also see positive changes in the area.”

Both National Highways and contractor Balfour Beatty have liaised with key stakeholders in the lead up to this closure including emergency services, Surrey County Council, local businesses and Gatwick and Heathrow Airports. Those affected by closures have been also been notified in advance while nearby event venues have also been kept up to date with this latest information on the project and associated closures both on the M25 and A3.

The carriageway between junctions 9 and 11 carries between 4,000 and 6,000 vehicles per hour in each direction between 10am and 9pm on a weekend.

This work needs to be carried out now to continue the good progress on the delivery of the scheme which is due to open to traffic in Summer 2025. National Highways has planned these closures to make sure they do not conflict with holiday periods or key events in the area.

The next full closure of the M25 is due to take place in April to allow for the installation of the new Clearmount bridleway bridge. Dates are subject to change.


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FAQ - M25 Closure - General questions

What time and when is the weekend closure?

The M25 will be closed in both directions from 9.00pm on Friday 15 March until 6.00am on Monday 18 March.

For the latest closure and diversion information, it's best to visit our website https://nationalhighways.co.uk/our-roads/south-east/m25-junction-10/.

What are you doing?

We're demolishing an existing bridge over the M25

What is the diversion route?

  • Junction 10 - Junction 11: North bound A3 to Painshill Junction, A245 towards Woking, and then A320 to M25 Junction 11.
  • Junction 11 - Junction 10: A320 south towards Woking, A245 towards Byfleet and Painshill junction, Southbound A3 to Junction 10.
  • The diversion route for the works is the same for both directions
  • ULEZ restrictions will not apply to drivers using our official diversion
  • Contingency diversion routes will be in place if needed for any reason

What are you doing to prevent traffic using local and country routes that are not the official diversion?

When we have overnight or weekend closures, we always encourage all motorists to use the approved signed diversion routes.

We know some drivers will use satnavs which can and will divert off the routes we use. We ask that satnavs are switched off and our diversion routes are followed.

There are several roads in the area that are not suitable for diversions, so please do follow the signs.

It is never our intention to cause disruption to our customers and we do apologise for the inconvenience this closure may cause to your journey over the weekend. Please plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey.

Will there be more closures in the future?

Yes, throughout 2024 there will be several full closures of the A3 and M25. The next one is planned for 19 to 22 April 2024 when we'll be closing the M25 again between junctions 11 and 10, in both directions to allow the team to install the new bridge. 

Will RHS Garden Wisley stay open over the demolition weekend?

RHS Wisley is open over this weekend, please contact them directly or check their website for update.

Will you be working 24/7?

Yes, we will be working on a 24-hour basis to ensure the A3 reopens on time.

How will the bridges be removed?

The works will be carried out using specialist machinery used for demolition activities.

Can I watch the bridges being demolished?

No, there areas will be active construction sites. For safety reasons, the work will take place within a restricted area. There will be no public viewing points.

What if the demolition work overruns?

We do not anticipate any major issues that will impact these works. The detailed plans have hold points at stages throughout the works. This means that at regular points throughout the works an assessment will be made as to whether the works are on schedule and can continue or whether the works need to be halted to ensure the motorway can be reopened on time.

What if the carriageway is damaged during the demolition?

Protection mats will be placed onto the carriageway underneath the works before they start. We do not foresee any damage being caused during this works and if needed we will have repair team on hand to deal with any repair work. This has been scheduled into our timetable and should not delay the reopening of the A3.

Local questions

Bus Stop Closures and Shuttle Bus

Due to the demolition of the Cockcrow and Wisley footbridges, both the A3 Wisley Lane northbound and A3 Elm Lane southbound bus stops will close permanently.

For pedestrians needing to cross the A3, from 08:00 Monday 26 February until the new Wisley Lane bridge is open, we will be operating a shuttle bus between Ockham Bites, Ockham Park roundabout, Ripley High Street (Post office bus stops), RHS Garden Wisley and Wisley Common as per the diagram below.

The shuttle bus will run at hourly intervals, connecting with the 715 Guildford to Kingston and 715 Kingston to Guildford services at the Post Office in Ripley High Street. The shuttle bus will leave Ripley High Street bus stop opposite the Post Office on its northbound journey at 45 minutes past each hour.

Times of operation will be:

Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm

Please note the exact frequency will be traffic dependent and the shuttle bus will not be able to carry bicycles.

Will the new Wisley lane bridge be open?

No, not until later in the spring. Until then there will be no pedestrian, cyclist, or horse access via Wisley Lane bridge, unfortunately there is no suitable diversion route available.

Later this spring the new Wisley bridge will be open and a link across the A3 between Elm Lane and Wisley Common will be re-established.

As there is no route over the A3 for a short time, we suggest drivers use car parks located on Old Lane to access Ockham Common and car park on Wisley Lane to access Wisley Common If Cockcrow bridge is demolished and Wisley Lane bridge is not open, how will I cross over the A3?

To allow for the demolition of the existing Cockcrow footbridge and the construction of the new Cockcrow heathland bridge, a section of footpath 17 over the A3 will be closed.

Additionally, until early 2025, there will be no pedestrian, cyclist, or horse access via

Cockcrow bridge.

The only means of crossing the A3 (from Spring 2024 as outlined above) will be via the new Wisley bridge, located 1¼km to the south. Unfortunately, there is no other suitable diversion route available.

Given the temporary limitations in crossing the A3 we suggest using the car park located on Wisley Lane to access Wisley Common and car parks located on Old Lane to access Ockham Common.

Will there be a pedestrian diversion route?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a safe alternative walking route during the weekend closure. You can however view the Surrey Interactive Map (arcgis.com) and filter by "Public Right of Way" to help plan an alternative route.

Will there be construction traffic on local roads during this time?

During the weekend we will be transporting the debris from the working areas to one of our compounds located off the A3 at the Wisley Airfield. There should be no need for construction traffic to use the local roads or the diversion routes.

Is there going to be noise?

We do anticipate the demolition work will create some noise, which will be different to what you may be used to hearing.

We recognise the impact this type of work may have on residents, especially overnight, and we will do all we to keep disruption to a minimum.

Is there a danger to nearby properties?

Some vibration may be felt in properties nearest the works. We do not, however, anticipate any impact on any properties in the area.

Will I be affected by dust?

No, we do not expect huge amounts of dust. We will monitor the works and if needed we will dampen down the works area to suppress any dust.

Am I entitled to compensation?

No, National Highways is unable to provide monetary compensation. While we appreciate the weekend closure will cause some disruption the work is considered a statutory duty on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport as covered under section 278 of the Highways Act 1980.

There is no obligation or requirement to pay compensation for disruption, inconvenience, costs, or loss of business caused by roadworks.

Will Birchmere campsite stay open over the demolition weekend?

The Birchmere campsite is aware of the closure, please contact them directly for an update.