Little All Sports

Location: Walton-on-Thames

Hi , my name is Lisa and I am the owner/instructor face behind Little All Sports which is a local multi-sports business for children aged 16 months to 7years of age!

I have been running these sessions in Walton since 2013 and we will be 10years old this September…time flies when you are having fun!!

I offer a variety of different sports: 3 per half term (2 weeks of each)

  • Ball Sports & Games
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Gym and Movement

LAS main aim is to encourage girls & boys to participate in movement and activities associated to building skills, confidence and encouraging them to work independently, in pairs with their parent/guardian or as part of a team activity based around these sports.

Within my pre -school sessions all of my games are based around the Early Years Foundation stage.

Classes operate from: 4th Walton Scout hut - Cottimore Lane, Walton KT12 2BS


9.30am – 10am
16mths to 2½

10.10am - 10.50am
2½ to 3½


Mobile Day

Visiting Local Nurseries


9.30am to 10am
16mths to 2½

10.10am to 10.50am
2½ to 3½

1.15pm to 2.15pm
(3 to 4 yrs)


10.10am to 10:50am
Mixed Age Group Class
16mths to 4 years

My classes are inclusive and I encourage Parent/Guardian participation, it’s also so lovely to see grandparents get involved with the children up to 3.5 years!!

At my Wednesday afternoon class the children can be dropped off or the parent can stay but I encourage independence from the children so they can work on their own, in pairs, or as a team getting them ready for school.

I use visuals for most of our warm ups and fun equipment throughout the classes to keep the children engaged and we always finish our sessions with nursery songs around the parachute, which all the children love.

Sport is a great way of getting children to have lots of fun whilst learning, and help them to develop both their motor skills, physical, and emotional skills as well as social skills. So why not join me for a Taster session at any time for £5. I look forward to meeting you.

For further information regarding Little All Sports please contact us at
Lisa 07949917972
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